Dan and Nancy Lupton

   Tom Clinton breaking the ribbon at the completion of a 69 mile/111 Kilometer Ultra-Megathon.
Friends celebrate after 69 miles/111 klm...nearly a triple Olympic marathon. You can add to the 
$111 thousand raised for orphans at the First Love website... UTRA-MEGATHON DONATION
Svitavy-Litomysl Youth Group with many English Campers
English Camp 2017, RƎVOUTION
                  To enjoy our Camp Theme Song, click here: Love Casts Out All My Fear 

Staci's Advanced English Group                       Dan and Jane Vlckova signing ZED books

 Right: In the middle of a long hike, an old time train  ride was welcome fun.

 Below: Dan's intermediate group

For a decade, Dan and Nancy Lupton have brought friendship, English education, faith and Jesus to the Svitavy district of the Czech Republic.  Dan now serves as Global Pastor to First Love International missionaries, and is VP of Personnel of First Love, leading recruiting, training, mentoring and sending new missionaries. 

We are supported by churches, families and individuals who find joy in partnering with us. 

Support for Dan and Nancy Lupton may be sent to:

First Love International    PO Box 15836 ●  Love's Park    IL 61132

To give through the internet, click here:  DONATE    

To obtain English version of Zed [Meant To Be?]
click here: BOOK

Email: Dan@Czechoutreach.org  ●  Nancy@Czechoutreach.org

Our postal mailing address:  Dan & Nancy Lupton, 6209 St James Pl, Denton, TX 76210 

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